Monthly Web Support

Think of us as your in-house yet not in-house support.  We can assist you in all aspects of your website from design, custom software, online marketing, PPC and more.  The monthly service is offered at a discounted rate as well as  À la carte per-task. À la carte support is billed at our standard rate of $175/hour, monthly web support starts at $750/month for 5 hours of support, and requires a 3 month commitment.  All support incidents are handled through our web support portal.

This support / service is not limited to the options listed, these should be thought of as a starting point in how to utilize our website support services.  Please note that you are paying a discounted rate for support hours, and if you’d like something on your website done or are experiencing a problem you need to notify us; this service does not include any monitoring, and hours do not carryover.  Monthly support hours are for website support related issues only, not new design, development, business planning or consulting.

Some of these services are:

  • Troubleshooting blank pages
  • Fixing E-Mail delivery
  • Optimizing & Re-Sizing images
  • Updating Software (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, MIVA & Many Many More)
  • Configuring and installing a CDN for WordPress, Ecommerce & More
  • Plugin/Module installation (WordPress, Joomla, MIVA, X-Cart, OSCOmmerce & Many More)
  • Checking & optimizing databases (MySQL)
  • Module/Plugin configuration, customization and troubleshooting (WordPress, X-Cart, & More)
  • Checking log files for problems & fixing problems (Error Log, eCom Logs, Update Logs, & More)


Starting Price: $750 / Month
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À la carte per-support incident will be billed at $170 per-hour.

All support services are available between the hours of 9am and 5pm PST.

Emergency support issues that fall outside of these hours are billed at $350 per-hour for À la carte support, and $250 per-hour as part of the monthly support plan. If your site goes down at 1AM we can be there for you!