eCommerce Update/Security Service

Today more than every security should be the number one priority for business owners online and keeping your software up to date is a very important part of that.  Here at Beyond Websites we’ve been updating various eCommerce software and staying on-top of eCommerce related security threats for a long time and think that other business owners can benefit from these services whether we have created or host their site.

Monthly Services Include:

  • Update eCommerce Software
  • Plugin / Module Updates (excluding plug/module cost)
  • Cleaning/Removing files/logs
  • Monitor eCommerce site for page-load problems automatically (10 minute interval)
  • Monitor eCommerce related log files & troubleshoot/fix related problem
  • Monitor eCommerce Database for errors
  • Backup database once per-week* (if you are a hosting client this is a separate backup)

These services are performed at-least once per-month.  This is not something we offer, then sit back and do nothing.  We actively monitor your eCommerce site, make sure it’s up to date and continually clean so that your business runs smoothly.

We offer this service at a discounted monthly rate starting at $600 per-eCommerce store.

À la carte updates are available, and billed at our standard rate of $150/hour.
*Database backups exclude any databases or files that store data such as images.  Database backup will depend on your hosting provider, bandwidth constraints and total database size.  If you are a hosting client of Beyond Websites this is a separate backup, and will be completed weekly.