MixPanel Analytics Tracking

MixPanel analytics lets you track almost every detail of every visitor on your page.  You can know that visitor A. came from Google, looked at product B then browsed category C, and then proceeded to checkout.  You can follow visitors through your site click-by-click to see where the drop-off is during a conversion or checkout process.  You can track individual persons or campaigns to see which yield the best results.  Mix Panel also allows you to setup e-mails based on triggers (user actions no your site) so that you can have a complete automated follow-up system.

How much does it cost?

Mix Panel service is free for basic usage, and up depending on the amount of data we are storing.

Mix Panel installation in your eCommerce store starts at $500 and up depending how elaborate you want the tracking to be.

If you want the most out of mix panel, and would like us to analyze the data, create triggers, automate e-mailing users, etc, we offer this as well for a complete “Hands Off” experience.  This service has a $1500 setup that will include phone calls and e-mails with you to set Mix Panel up so that it’s exactly the data you are looking for, and then starts at $450 per-month.