Shopping Cart Abandonment


What is shopping cart abandonment recovery software?

Shopping cart abandonment recovery software is a service that tracks the items in your cart, the people who put them there, and if they completed their purchase or not.  If the person did NOT complete their purchase then the software will alert the user they left something in their basket.  How many alerts, when they are sent, what they say, what they look like, etc… is all based on your needs, and customized and setup by us.

If you aren’t tracking abandoned carts and trying to recover sales you are LOSING money!

We can setup your shopping cart abandonment software, configure the amount of e-mails, e-mail trigger settings, and more.

What does it cost?

Installation in your E commerce store starts at $650.  Pricing changes by e-commerce platform as well as how your store is configured, how many different checkout funnels you may have, etc… We can also continuously optimize the abandonment e-mail system, tweak e-mails, triggers, configurations and more.  This service starts at $450 per-month.


If we don’t earn you more money then simply stop.  We don’t have 6 month contracts, and don’t want you to be unhappy!