Local SEO

What is local search engine optimization?

When most people hear local SEO they think about their city, their location and what is around them right now.  This is what local SEO is about.  It’s about ranking for terms within geographical locations or ranking for terms that use keywords and locations.  Whether your business has 1 or more locations we can work with you so that you get the best local results.

What does local optimization include?

Local optimization requires on-site and off-site work to be as affective as possible.  We will help you identify keywords, target content on your site that matches with local relevant searches as well as manage off-site duties.

What type of off-site work is done?

Get in Google!

We will register your company with Google Local and fill it out properly.  A properly filled out google registration profile is key to maximizing local SEO efforts.  Allow our experts to create your account, analyze your existing, and make the changes that will help you rank!

Local Directory Listings

Yelp and Yellow Pages come to mind when you think of directories, and these are the sort of sites we will be submitting your local site too.  We submit to only the highest quality directories, and we ensure that your company information is accurate across multiple directory platforms.

Create Citations

Citations have become an important part in google local listings.  A citation is also known as a “business reference”.  This could be something as simple as your company name and info in a By Line from an article you wrote.  The difference between citations and back-links are citations normally include company information and may or may not include a link.

White Hat Offsite Link-building

Links are the building blocks of most search engines.  What does this mean?  The more relevant, high quality links pointing to your site and pages on your site will  help you rank better in Google.  In the past you could purchase a couple links, and improve your rankings.  This is no longer the case, and in many cases doing such things could negatively affect your entire website.  We only build safe, white hat links that are natural and high quality providing a benefit to your website.  Our experts have been building links to websites since 1999, we know a thing or two about links.

How much does it cost?

Local SEO is not a set and forget or one-time thing.  While you can optimize on-site once and hope for the best if your competitors are doing any ongoing optimization you will be at a l0ss playing catch-up, costing more money in the long run.

Local SEO Starts at $500 per-month with the first month starting at $750 to account for initial review and analysis.

The price will vary depending on the size of your site, local competition, number of locations, and how quick you want to rank. Please contact us for more details.