Social Consulting & Management

Whether you need full-time social media management or just a hand with your companies social media strategy Beyond Websites is here to help.  With services ranging from community management to full management of all of your social media accounts, we have a plan that will work with you.

What is social media?

Social Media is a relatively new term but social media has always been apart of the Internet.  In the 1990s AOL was leading the social media platform with their chat rooms, and old-style forum like groups.  Social media is the ability for many users to share information online be it in a small niche group on Facebook or a multi million user Forum.  Most only think of Facebook or Twitter as social media but there are hundreds of valuable social media sites online that your business could be taking advantage of.


What are the popular social media sites of today?

Most people have heard of FaceBook, MySpace, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter but these are only the most popular social media platforms and many more exist.  Businesses often receive higher conversion rates when using much smaller, niche platforms where users become product and company advocates and where you the business owner can reach the end-user directly in a community based all around you businesses common interest.   We strongly urge businesses to use the large social media platforms but also invest time in finding communities, and niche websites based around your business as these users are often very loyal and worth much more per-user in the long run.


What are you offering and what are the costs?

Social media management could include Beyond Websites creating and/or managing your social media strategy.  Social media management includes managing pages such as Facebook, posting on Instagram, and much more.  You, the business owner decide which sites are right for you based on our suggestions.  As far as how often content is updated, that’s again up to you but we have suggestions.

Social Media Management starts at $1500 per-month.  There are no set plans for social media management as every business is unique.

Does your team need an expert to go over your existing social media plan, or do you just want someone to call on when you have questions? Social Media consulting may also be for you, and starts at $200/hour with a five hour minimum the first engagement.  This is not a recurring service and hours do not carry-over each month.