YouTube / Channel Monthly Management

YouTube can be a great source of new visitors as well as a place to showcase your work, and interact with clients and potential clients.  Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and that it’s more popular than Bing, Ask, Yahoo and AOL combined.*

Our YouTube video and channel management packages are all inclusive helping you stay focused on what you do best, keeping your business running smoothly, and allowing us to handle your YouTube video and channel needs.

What’s included?

The Setup – Starting at $750 includes (This is optional, you may have this completed already.)

We will create your YouTube account if not already done, and then create your channel as well as customize it to best represent your business.

  • Custom channel icon to show-off your brand to the world (This is the “head/shoulder” user icon image)
  • Custom channel art to show viewers who you are, and how to contact you (This is the “header background”)
  • Custom channel description that includes contact information for your business
  • Custom channel links to take customers to certain areas of your website, store, forum or web-app!
  • Custom channel trailer! This is a video you create that’s quick and short talking about your channel and company that plays when people visit your channel on YouTube. (We can create this video out of images, and a script provided by you for an additional fee, or you can start out with a slide-show of images as a video and replace it later with a real video.)
  • Add 2 videos with full research, or 10 videos if you provide title and description for each video.

Adding Videos Starting at $250/month & includes

We will add 3 to 4 videos per-month to your YouTube channel that you provide us at the beginning of the month.

  • Video title text will be researched and optimized
  • Video description text will be thought out, and optimized for the video content as well as researched

Sharing your videos!

  • YouTube & Google+ research to find users who may be interested in your content, and alert them of it.
  • Post your YouTube Video on Google+ or to a specific Circle on Google+

User Interaction

  • Moderate comments
  • Reply to users on YouTube for video comments
  • Playlists will be created once similar videos are uploaded, or during setup if there are enough videos

*This service does not include any video editing.  If videos only need format converting contact us.
**For setup we will need image(s) from you so that we may pick one or more to use or create a mix for your channel art, and icon. You can only use images at least 2048 by 1152 pixels in size for channel art.